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A professional sharpener in Cleveland, Ohio.



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Scissors (Sewing and Pinking Too!)
We can sharpen your scissors! Everything from cheap scissors for paper, to expensive dressmaking and pinking shears! You’ll get your scissors back oiled, adjusted, and sharper than they’ve ever been before. 

  • Scissors up to 4″ blades – $4.00
  • Large & pinking shears – $8.00
  • Dressmaker scissors – $6.00

Note: At this time, Cleave Ohio does not sharpen salon shears.

Kitchen Knives (Serrated Too!)
Using a slow-speed whetstone, your knives will be treated with the utmost in care, and never overheated. The least possible amount of steel will be removed from the blade, and you’ll get back razor sharp knives! Can we do serrated knives? You bet!

  • Knives up to 3″ – $3.00
  • Knives up to 5″ – $5.00
  • Knives up to 7″ – $7.00
  • Knives over 7″ and cleavers – $8.00
Paper Cutters
Stop using that dull paper cutter! Bring it back to like-new shape with Cleave, Ohio! Your cutter will come back oiled, and like the day you bought it… in 1973.

  • Paper Cutter – $20.00

Note: Paper cutters must come back to our shop. Also, certain paper cutters can not be disassembled, which is required for sharpening. Cleave, Ohio reserves the right to not sharpen these types.

Garden Tools
It’s that time of the year! Sharp tools make all the difference.

  • Pruning clippers – $6.00
  • Hatchets and axes – $6.00
  • Grass shears & loppers – $7.00
  • Hedge trimmers – $8.00
  • Shovels and Hoes – $5.00
Reel Mowers
Has your reel mower ever been serviced? It’s about time. 

 We take the wheels off, clean out the gunk and old grease, and re-grease everything. Then we clean and sharpen the blades, and adjust the mower to operate as smoothly as possible.

Note: Your mower needs to come back with us to the shop. It takes several days to finish, and you’ll get a call when it’s ready. Can we pickup and deliver your mower? Yep! (For $5, within a 5-mile radius of the farmer’s market). Also, certain mowers can not be serviced if the blades and/or wheels can not be removed.

  • Reel Mowers – $40
Gas-Power Mower Blades
Cut that grass like butter!

  • Mower Blades – $6.00

Note: Blade must be removed from mower to be sharpened.

Your weird item!
We’re always up for a challenge. Please email or call us!

(216) 352-1288 – greg@cleaveohio.com


Where to find Cleave, Ohio

Crocker Park Farmer’s Market

Summer Dates

May: Every Saturday 9AM – 1PM

Jun: Every Saturday 9AM – 1PM

Jul: Every Saturday 9AM – 1PM

Aug: Every Saturday 9AM – 1PM

Sep: Every Saturday 9AM – 1PM

All Summer dates for 2016 are now over – but that doesn’t mean we’re not still sharpening around the City! Please call or email us.

Crocker Park Farmer's Market

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